O gaşcă de hoţi din India a săpat un tunel de opt metri pentru a jefui o bancă

O gaşcă de hoţi din oraşul indian Mumbai a refuit o bancă guvernamentală după ce a reuşit să între săpând un tunel lung de opt metri. Toată operaţiunea le-a luat mai bine de patru luni, relatează BBC. Citeste mai mult: adev.ro/ozfu7e

Ei sunt cei mai mari campioni la prostie

Păcat că prostia nu doare! Dacă ar fi durut, mulţi s-ar fi răscolit în chinuri. Ziarul numărul 1 din România, Click!, vă prezintă în premieră finaliştii unui campionat mondial inedit: competiţia celor mai neinspirate invenţii şi gafe. Şi cum atunci când faci o boacănă este bine să o şi semnalezi, majoritatea fotografiilor au fost culese de pe Internet.

Jocuri care au prevăzut viitorul, de la situația din Coreea de Nord la Putin

De la prezicerea războiului din Georgia și până la succesiunea lui Kim Jong- un, aceste jocuri video prezic destul de bine evenimentele din lumea reală, scriu cei de la Playtech.ro.

Sheriff Is A Little Unhappy His Favorite Shop Was Robbed

A local mom-and-pop grocery was recently robbed in Acadiana, Louisiana, and the local police are a little unhappy about it. Most people don’t really care when the Crime Stoppers report comes on the local news, but this most recent one has certainly made a hit across the internet with over 1,000,000 views already.

Every Way 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Is the Biggest, Fastest, Strongest, and Best Marvel Movie Yet

How do you try to top a movie like The Avengers? You don’t. At least, that’s what they’ll say. When it came out in 2012, Avengers revolutionized the way Hollywood makes superhero movies and became the third highest grossing movie ever. But director Joss Whedon and the Marvel machine did top it withAge of Ultron, the endlessly entertaining sequel that still manages to pack an emotional punch. (We cried! But more on that Monday -- it’s too spoilery).

" Russian Stop the Bully" ENGLISH subtitles

None of the drivers in this video was ever officially prosecuted (yet, hopefully). The indecent near "Europe shopping center" mentioned at the and of this video is the only know case when somebody was officially prosecuted(but it was much much worse than in this case). It''s OK in Russia to drive ANYwhere one want and park your car literally ANYwhere one want without a risk to get even a ticket.

The woman with Europe's largest fake breasts

Beshine currently holds the title of “Biggest Breasts in Europe” and though she started her boob od(d)yssey as a humble B cup, she's now a mind boggling Z-cup, thanks to expander implants which she refills as regularly as she can.

Hell on the move

The deadly accident involving two trains and trucks occurred at half past nine in the morning (on MSK) on Saturday November 22.

Stunning 3D-drawings Ramona Bruijn

Dutch painter Ramon Bruin focused on creating multi-layered illusions using multiple sheets of paper. If you look at these images at a certain angle, they seem remarkably realistic and voluminous.

This Homeless Bodybuilder Gets Ripped to Make His Grandchildren Proud

He may not have a roof over his head, but a man who lives on the streets of Paris maintains the physic of an athlete.

Magician Escapes Parking Ticket with Rubik’s Cube Trick (VIDEO)

Every single day, there are countless drivers who try to weasel their way out of a ticket. Whether they are speeding, running red lights or parking illegally, people will do whatever they can to avoid paying a fine.

Top 10 facts about storms

THE Great Storm of 1703, the worst storm ever to hit Britain, reached its peak on the night of November 26-27, 1703.

IN PICTURES: Nudity and Santa – 10 of the most AWKWARD Christmas family photos

NAKED FAMILIES huddled together in front of the tree, tie-dye festive jumpers and blood-curdling Christmas clowns – welcome to the uncomfortably weird world of awkward family photos.

10 Signs You’re On the Right Track to Being a Millionaire

Getting rich and becoming a millionaire may seem like a fantasy, but it’s not so far-fetched. There are a lot of key habits that millionaires have that attribute to their success. We did a little research on how millionaires live their everyday lives and compiled a list for you.

How To Super Boost Your Productivity By Taking Quick Nap

It is now generally accepted that a short sleep or nap in the afternoon will boost your productivity and get you raring to go again.

4 Strategies to Make More Progress in the Gym

There’s always going to be a few bumps along the road to becoming fit.

10 Secrets of Jay-Z’s Successful Life

Jay-Z is one of the highest earning artists in the music industry. Forbesestimates his net worth to be around $520 million in 2014. He is also married to another powerhouse in the music industry, Beyonce Knowles. Together, their combined 2014 net worth is around $900 million.

Top 10 facts about evolution

CHARLES DARWIN'S book On The Origin Of Species was first published on November 24, 1859.

DC-10 Tanker drop on Fire

First upload. This is a DC-10 Air Tanker drop on the Assayii Lake fire in New Mexico.

Top 10 facts about 9/11

THE 9/11 attacks on the World Trade complex in New York and the Pentagon took place 13 years ago today.

10 Television Moments From 2013 That We'll Remember In 10 Years

Every single year, hundreds of television moments generate conversation. They convince us to seek out others who watch the same show in order to commiserate, offer up wild theories or perhaps even angrily vow to never watch again. As the years pass, however, a funny thing happens. Many of these crazy, outlandish, have-to-talk-about-em moments sorta slowly begin slipping away until the memories belong more to the hardcore fans than the general public. 

Top 10 facts about ozone

SINCE 1995, the United Nations has celebrated September 16 as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

The Most Perfectly Casted Movies Of All Time…

Nothing disappoints more when movie watching than a bad ending, or a bad storyline.But, worse yet is a badly selected cast. Not only does a cast make or break the representation of the film, but it also gives it a backbone. So, bad cast…no backbone….no credibility. With no audience credibility, the film is basically pointless. So, to save you the trouble of searching through movies with good casts, here are some films with exceptional casting.

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