Știe să-și facă apariția pe covorul roșu! Cu ce ținută a împresionat Angelina Jolie la Premiile BAFTA?

O veterană a evenimentelor cu covor roșu, Angelina Jolie n-a dezamăgit nici la cea de-a 71-a ediție a galei premiilor decernate de Academia de artă cinematografică și televiziune britanică!

Lady Gaga joins bob bandwagon

After stars like Beyonce Knowles and Emma Stone, it's singer Lady Gaga who has joined the bob bandwagon.

Rita Ora Braided Hairstyle

Baby hairs? Layed! Rita Ora debuted a new braided hairstyle on Instagram. You feeling it?


Rita Ora is among the latest victims of the ongoing leak of celebrity nude photos and sex videos, dubbed 'the fappening' by the online community.

EXCLUSIVE: The guide to a real Downton Christmas

THE Downton Abbey Christmas special is one of the TV highlights of the year but festive preparations at the real stately home are every bit as fascinating.

Mike Tyson and Whoopi Goldberg Spend a Night on Broadway

The Broadway casts of After Midnight and Aladdin received some special guests yesterday evening.

Dame Judi faces up to that age-old question

AS the stage and screen star nears her 80th birthday Henry Fitzherbert & David Stephenson reflect on her brilliant career.

Oh er, Ma'am! Liz Hurley strips to JUST her knickers as the Queen in new show The Royals

SHE'S known for her ties with the upper class but it seems Elizabeth Hurley has her sights firmly set on the monarchy in her new TV series The Royals.

10 Signs You’re On the Right Track to Being a Millionaire

Getting rich and becoming a millionaire may seem like a fantasy, but it’s not so far-fetched. There are a lot of key habits that millionaires have that attribute to their success. We did a little research on how millionaires live their everyday lives and compiled a list for you.

10 Secrets of Jay-Z’s Successful Life

Jay-Z is one of the highest earning artists in the music industry. Forbesestimates his net worth to be around $520 million in 2014. He is also married to another powerhouse in the music industry, Beyonce Knowles. Together, their combined 2014 net worth is around $900 million.

'Furious 7' trailer: A deep dive

It is written in the chronicles of our people that, long ago, in the days when the earth below and the sky above were as one, and the gods had not yet deserted the world of men, there was a film called The Fast and the Furious.

Two Things Danny Trejo Likes: Tacos And Cantinflas

Get ready for some tacos from famed ‘Machete’ actor Danny Trejo. 

X Factor chaos at Simon Cowell's Judges' Houses stage due to LA heatwave

HE MAY be a music mogul, but things didn't exactly go to plan when Simon Cowell flew a group of X Factor contestants out to his Los Angeles home recently.

'Fast & Furious 7': Vin Diesel posts photo with Paul Walker's brothers

Universal officially announced last week that Paul Walker’s brothers Caleb and Codywould be joining the production of next year’s Fast & Furious 7, helping the production complete their brother’s role in the franchise. Walker’s longtime co-star Vin Diesel just posted an image of himself alongside Walker’s brothers, confirming the family resemblance. (One of the Walker Bros. is even wearing a perfect Brian O’Conner slightly-too-large gray T-shirt.)


Some people just like to flaunt their money. Who wouldn't buy a lion for a pet if you could afford it? 


If you're not already following Lady Gaga on Instragram then you should. She often shares outrageous photos that you don't want to miss. In a recent snap, the pop star shares a sultry black-and-white photo of herself in bed with the caption, "Off to Australia. Will be dreaming of my Aussie Monsters." Her fans quickly notice the resemblence she bore to the late great singer Amy Winehouse. 


With slated performances from Sam Smith, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and femme fatale trio Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, we all know the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards (Sunday, August 24) are going to be mind-blowing as usual.


According to a report by Forbes, Gisele Bundchen is now the highest paid model in the world. Within the last 12 months, Bundchen has pulled in $47 million, way ahead of the number two highest earner Doutzen Kroes at $8 million. Her salary is up $5 million from last year, according toForbes.

Is Daniel Craig up for cameo role in Star Wars 7?

London, September 15: Daniel Craig will reportedly be seen in the upcoming ' Star Wars : Episode VII' after he requested director JJ Abrams for a cameo role.

7 Examples Of Real Life Buried Treasure.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a treasure trove in your attic or basement? Maybe a piece of junk you bought at a flea market is actually something priceless? That's how I feel every time I watch Antique Road Show (which is a lot more often than I'd like to admit). 

The Monster Tour

Eminem and Rihanna: Why? He's the reedy-voiced rapper from Detroit who defined MTV when the channel's current demo was in diapers.

Vin Diesel Just Did The Ice Bucket Challenge And You Won't Believe Who He Called Out After

Vin Diesel took on the ice bucket challenge, dumping a steel pot full of ice cubes all over himself before dropping the same challenge on three very familiar names: Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie and Putin -- presumably Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Because why not? 

David Beckham shows off ripped body on Malibu beach trip with the kids

DAVID Beckham may be a retiree but that certainly doesn't mean he's letting himself go.

Just peachy: Ola Jordan is a little cheeky as she takes a break from calendar shoot

SHE'S BUSY preparing for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing and Ola Jordan looks in great shape.

Sylvester Stallone: 'I told Lucas I'd be awful as Han Solo'

SYLVESTER STALLONE torpedoed his chances of playing Han Solo in the first STAR WARS films by confirming GEORGE LUCAS' fears he would be awful as the space bounty hunter at his audition.

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