Why we've all fallen head-over-heels for the 36 questions that promise true love

A simple questionnaire, which claims it can make two strangers fall in love, has taken the world by storm. Claire Cohen explains why we're so drawn to the idea of eliminating risk where our fragile hearts are concerned

Hell on the move

The deadly accident involving two trains and trucks occurred at half past nine in the morning (on MSK) on Saturday November 22.

Drive By Shooting Prank

You guys asked for some more Edgy and Scary Pranks!! Here you go!! SHARE IT!! :)

Stunning 3D-drawings Ramona Bruijn

Dutch painter Ramon Bruin focused on creating multi-layered illusions using multiple sheets of paper. If you look at these images at a certain angle, they seem remarkably realistic and voluminous.

Beauty-Israeli military

About women's army of Israel is well known, perhaps, to everyone.

How old tires give the appearance of new

The video shows one of the ways used by car dealers, used tires to give a fresh new look. Tires are parts subject to normal wear and tear, so must be replaced in a timely manner. Be careful not to fall for the bait scams!


Remember when that Oxford a cappella group's version of 'Hips Don't Lie' went viral? Well, they're back, and this time they've got a Christmas single.


Step aside Ben Haenow - the Wealdstone Raider has a charity single out, and he's vying for Christmas No.1. Listen to it below.


Rita Ora is among the latest victims of the ongoing leak of celebrity nude photos and sex videos, dubbed 'the fappening' by the online community.

EXCLUSIVE: The guide to a real Downton Christmas

THE Downton Abbey Christmas special is one of the TV highlights of the year but festive preparations at the real stately home are every bit as fascinating.

This Homeless Bodybuilder Gets Ripped to Make His Grandchildren Proud

He may not have a roof over his head, but a man who lives on the streets of Paris maintains the physic of an athlete.

Do You Know Your Rights? How to Prevent Unreasonable Searches and Seizures by Police Officers

In light of the everlasting debate over racial-profiling and other discriminatory police practices, we believe it’s important that citizens are aware about their constitutional rights.

Magician Escapes Parking Ticket with Rubik’s Cube Trick (VIDEO)

Every single day, there are countless drivers who try to weasel their way out of a ticket. Whether they are speeding, running red lights or parking illegally, people will do whatever they can to avoid paying a fine.

Overzealous Rottweiler Loves His Cat BFF A Liiiittle Too Much

One dog’s cuddle sesh is a cat's oh-my-God-you’re-squashing-me.

In this November video, watch as an overzealous Rottweiler smothers his feline BFFwith some real good snuggling.

Their expressions just say it all.

Sheep Found Wearing Christmas Sweater Finally Reunited With Family

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A sheep wearing a festive red-and-green sweater who was found wandering around Omaha has been reunited with his owner.

Jingle Boobs: Sara X Twerks Her Breasts To 'Jingle Bells'

Boob-twerking Sara X, who busted onto the Internet in October with her eye-popping Mozart performance, and later returned to raise awareness (and money) for breast cancer, is back.

Now It's Safe To Cook Bacon While You're Naked

Like to cook bacon in your birthday suit? The makers of a new product insist you need protection in that sensitive area.

Top 10 facts about storms

THE Great Storm of 1703, the worst storm ever to hit Britain, reached its peak on the night of November 26-27, 1703.

Mike Tyson and Whoopi Goldberg Spend a Night on Broadway

The Broadway casts of After Midnight and Aladdin received some special guests yesterday evening.

Dame Judi faces up to that age-old question

AS the stage and screen star nears her 80th birthday Henry Fitzherbert & David Stephenson reflect on her brilliant career.

Creator Christopher Miller:'The Lego Movie did better than we could possibly have imagine'

HENRY FITZHERBERT meets the college ‘knuckleheads’ who have put the heartback into Hollywood blockbusters

Oh er, Ma'am! Liz Hurley strips to JUST her knickers as the Queen in new show The Royals

SHE'S known for her ties with the upper class but it seems Elizabeth Hurley has her sights firmly set on the monarchy in her new TV series The Royals.

Shop owner thrills customers with nativity scene starring family of Henry hoovers

A SHOP owner has injected some va-va-voom into his window display this Christmas by creating a nativity scene starring a whole family of Henry vacuum cleaners.

IN PICTURES: Nudity and Santa – 10 of the most AWKWARD Christmas family photos

NAKED FAMILIES huddled together in front of the tree, tie-dye festive jumpers and blood-curdling Christmas clowns – welcome to the uncomfortably weird world of awkward family photos.

Want to Be at Your Best Today? Try This.

We snap on a friend or coworker out of frustration. We scan social media or the news for hours when we have a laundry list of work to do. We find ourselves continually being negative when at our core we’re a positive person. In its’ simplest form, we’re being a version of ourselves that we don’t want to be.

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